Monday, April 25, 2011

Just Wondering How We Could Change The World

I wonder what the world would be like if every woman stop flaunting their bodies and starting flaunting the knowledge of who they are in Christ. 
I wonder what the world would be like if every person knew that marriage is a covenant between them and God. 
I wonder what the world would be like if every person kept the word they spoke. 

I wonder what chain of events would occur if every man opened doors for women, filled their gas tanks, and kept them out of harms way. 
I wonder would it be easier for the wife to respect her husband if the above happened all the time. I wonder what the world would be life if the wife respected her husband regardless if he did those things or not.
I wonder what chain of events would occur if every husband truly loved their wife as Christ loves the Church and actually treated her like a queen. 
I wonder what would happen if everyone was quick to forgive and even quicker to forget

I wonder what our youth's future would turn out if adults actually acted like adults 
I wonder what our youth 's future would be like if every parent stood up for the responsibility of having children 
I wonder what our youth's future would be like if in every home love and respect was at work.

I wonder what the church would be like if everyone did their part and walked in their call and became obedient to the word of God. 
I wonder how powerful could the church be, if we would stop fronting and address the issues, habits and addictions that go on in the pulpit. 
I wonder what would God do for this land if we actually didn't have to beg ppl to worship Him in Church. 

I wonder what what happen if we all got focused on the calls that we ALL have on our lives. How many ppl would have time for sin if we were really focused for what God was trying to do through us? 

Man, I wonder........ 

If anything in this note pokes out at you, take a chance and give it a try for 21 days. 

Hang in There

Hey Folks, I apologize for the long wait for another blog. So much has happened that most definitely validates the name of this blog. Please hang in there with me. As time progresses I will be at more liberty to speak freely about some things that I think will truly help many women and men.

Its been well over a months since I last wrote a blog. Since then my husband has preached his first sermon and it was great experience to see him walking in his call. I know many of you are saying "Ro, when you next" and in due time. It's not quite my time yet. However I can say that the work that He is performing in me is blowing my mind.

I just want to encourage you guys to hang in there. I know life tends to beat us up especially when we don't have a grip our personal decision making. But let me reassure you every decision we make comes with pricey consequences, just make sure you can afford the consequence before you execute your decision. We have to began thinking things through and become more intentional about the things we do. This is how we will press towards the mark more effectively. We have to be intentionally doing what is necessary and intentionally not doing what will make us fall.

I love you guys, hang in there with me. This blog is sure to become a help to  many in due time.

Love you,


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