Saturday, March 10, 2012

Allow People to Change

Be sure to forget what you previously knew about someone, when you have confirmed they have changed! They are moving forward, don't try to hold them to their past! PPL do Change, you just have to open your eyes to see it! For us to believe that ppl don't change is to say that the Holy Spirit is incapable of doing His work in this dispensation! That would my friend, equate to being a non-believer!

Sometimes its hard to recognize change in others because we are still the same. We who are saved remain the same because we haven't yielded to the work of the Holy Spirit. Everyday w/ Him we should be looking more and more like the SON and less carnal!

Good Morning & Grow in Grace

Open Your Mouth

Matthew 24:14 will preach all by itself... What is it preaching?
Glad you asked? The end ain't coming until all believers open their mouths about the Kingdom of God.

Each of us has influence in a area or over ppl that someone else doesn't. If your mouth is closed that area has been left untouched. Please stop thinking its the job of Pastors to evangelize. Its the entire Body of Christ job. Hence the need to be on one accord! If everyone is talking about the Kingdom of, the Body of Christ will walk around the Globe in no time. (picture all believers standing together in the shape of a body, now picture the body walking harmoniously over the globe)-------OPEN YOUR MOUTH!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Do as you are told

In this season its imperative that we learn to obey God! Many times what He requires of us will not make sense to us or we may even receive back lash from our peers! However, do not be found in disobedience to save face from those who around you!

Remember no man opens doors or give promotion. It is God who touches man to do that. So it behooves us to please the Source of whom all blessing flow from.

Can God trust you to carry out this next assignment?

"Lo, I'm with you always"

We were promised that God will be with us always! The way we live shows rather or not we believe that. Some of us behave one way in church because we associate the building as being holy ground! And leave church and behave altogether differently.

Today, change your mind! Yes the church is suppose to be treated with respect! However it is a building made by man. We however are fashioned by God! Do not be "holy" only in a building but live holy because you are God's true temple. He didn't send His Son to die to live in bricks and vinyl siding! But to live in us!

He told the disciples I am sending you a Helper! The Holy Spirit is equal to God the Son and the Father but submissive in nature. If you also submit to the power of the Holy Spirit you will truly see POWER working in you! If you only believe.

Good Morning & Grow in Grace!

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