Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Lo, I'm with you always"

We were promised that God will be with us always! The way we live shows rather or not we believe that. Some of us behave one way in church because we associate the building as being holy ground! And leave church and behave altogether differently.

Today, change your mind! Yes the church is suppose to be treated with respect! However it is a building made by man. We however are fashioned by God! Do not be "holy" only in a building but live holy because you are God's true temple. He didn't send His Son to die to live in bricks and vinyl siding! But to live in us!

He told the disciples I am sending you a Helper! The Holy Spirit is equal to God the Son and the Father but submissive in nature. If you also submit to the power of the Holy Spirit you will truly see POWER working in you! If you only believe.

Good Morning & Grow in Grace!

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