Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Man with Just a Job or A Man with Purpose

Ladies we are often told when dating that we shouldn't consider to date a man without a job. Today, I want to open your minds to Kingdom relationships.

Yes a man with a job is a good thing, however a man with just a job is altogether different. Ladies, there is something far more important that we are over looking. We are forgetting the element of purpose.  First this must be addressed: Dating without purpose is no where visible in the bible. 

Wasting time with guys who will not be our husbands, is dangerous. Why am I saying dangerous? Because we get connected emotionally, and physically and then we see ourselves in compromising situations that are contrary to the Word of God. To eliminate putting ourselves in situations like this, its best to have a purpose for dating. There is nothing wrong with remaining friends with other guys but keep standards, and boundaries so that the those relationships never cross the line. Make sure whoever you are dating is marriage material and potential so that you don't waste time and that you safeguard your heart. 
Marriages struggle because of pasts! If we do things God's way we would actually enter marriage being virgins without even knowing what it is that we like sexually and don't like. We would grow with our mate sexually vs. coming together one burnt out sexually and the other blew out sexually. Get my drift! Marriage wouldn't be so hard if we didn't come into it with all the relational baggage that we bring from spending time in relationships with people who were never meant for us any way.

I digress! Back to the topic at hand. So okay we have a man and he is looking good for marriage material. He has a job, a car and a house. He can provide for you and all of that, but what will happen to this man is if all he has is a job. I will tell you--------> CRISIS! If all you have is a man with a good job, you are in trouble. Jobs are great but what is better is to have a man who knows his purpose. 

Its two different things to have a man with a job and a man with a job and a purpose. Take the job away from the man without a purpose, usually he will do WHATEVER it takes to keep things a float. He may even become enraged because he is unable to provide. He may feel feelings of failure and hopelessness. However, take the job away from a man who knows his purpose and there is a different outcome. This man will be relaxed, because the job wasn't going to be the end result for him anyway. He has direction because he has plans for his life that may or may not involve that job that was taken from him. If the job has nothing to do with his purpose more than likely he really didn't want to be there anyway. One things for sure when a man has purpose he knows what and what he doesn't have time for. More importantly purpose comes from God so he trusts God!

Ladies, having a man who knows his purpose is far more greater than having a man with just a job. As wives we are called to be a helpmeet.  Helpmeet to what? To the mans journey of becoming who God has called him to be. You can't be helpmeet to a man with just a job. If he loses his job then what? But a man with purpose, also has a plan and this what we are helping with. We are helping him get to the end result that God showed him of who he is to become. 

Work is defined as activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. Work is also a verb. Job is defined as in the verb form, do casual or occasional work. In the noun form, a paid position or regular employment. 

So ladies don't just be glad over a man with "a" job, because all he has is a paid position. Get excited over a man that is working to achieve an end result. Get excited over the man with the plan, who knows where he is going in life not just from 8-5pm daily. 

This is a true story... Im living witness that a man that knows his purpose is so much more easier to be a helpmeet too than man with just a job oblivious to what God has called him too!


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