Thursday, November 8, 2012

Finding Your Self Worth in Christ

Never have you seen a piece of clothing hang itself up on a rack and gives itself value. Or anything else that has been created. The true value of something/someone is only known by its creator. The creation didn't make itself. It was the creator that had an idea about something the world needed, and so he took the time out to create formulas and models to fashion it to work and solve problems. That took the creators time energy and it hand print to bring into life.

You will never know what you are worth just by you alone. You will never know what problems you solve, what questions you have the answer to with out your creator. You're wonderfully made with a purpose. You may think you have great "Self-Worth" but if your worth is sourced from you only, then you can only be valued by the capacity of just you. God, your creator is timeless, take your worth from HIM who gave up the most precious thing to Him- His ONLY SON! Would you ever give up a child for someone else? Well He did.... He gave up a KING for you!

If you want to place a value on yourself find it out what you are really through Christ.
When we see this the true value in ourselves, we will gladly drop the drinking, smoking, hoeing, killing, and every other destructive extra curricular activity we participate in because our attitudes will be I worth more than Gold. Alcohol and Smoking tarnishes me, Hoeing devalues me, and I won't kill another human being because they just may be the person I need to fulfill my purpose and hear servant well done.

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