Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Price of Greatness

The price of greatness is responsibility- Winston Churchill

As I continue reflecting over this year, I recognize the areas in my life where I didn't excell. There were many areas that I only did what was required of me. This happens to the best of us. Not always, do we short change our ablity to work in the spirit of excellence because we are just simply lazy. However,  in most cases that is the main reason. Sometimes, situations arise that kill our zeal and excitement for doing our best.  Today I want to encourage you to continue strong.

I was just laying in my bed thinking about a conversation my husband and I were having in regards to a situation that had arised in our lives and a few things came to mind.

As believers, we are to believe that we can do all things through Christ basically because He is working on the inside of us. This means to me that being average is not my only choice I have. I can be great at everything I put my hands to and I can also be attributed greatness by the people I come in contact with. How? Im glad you asked!  As I sat and pondered who I considered to be great, I found one common thing in each individual.  They all went over and beyond what was required of them in some area of their life.


"Let us consider the nature of true greatness in men. The people that can catch hold of men's minds and feelings and inspire them to do things bigger than themselves are the people who remembered in history... those who stir feelings and imaginations and make men struggle towards perfection."
 -Henry Erying-

After thorougly examining who I thought could be attributed greatness, I realized that the spirit of excellence was also at work in them. The spirit of excellence is never just concerned with the big picture or the end results. However, the spirit of excellence is detailed- oriented. The spirit of excellence is concerned about every little step that makes up the journey of the big picture. The spirit of excellence doesn't rest at just doing the job, but it effortlessly works at doing the job right and in order. More importantly, the spirit of excellence works at its best and never just at what is good. The spirit of excellence isn't just working in just one area of someone's life or an organization, but its seeps through every facet of who or what possesses it. This is because the spirit of excellence becomes a habit. It's something that is work at to be obtained. Once it is obtain, it becomes second nature to always work in it. 

Let me give you examples of greatness and the spirit of excellence! 

Harriet Tubman, was a lady who was burdened by the weight of slavery amongst African- American people. She really didn't have to help others get free from slavery, but the greatness in her called for her to think of others before herself. The spirit of excellence called for her to work the vision in such a way that 300 slaves was able to obtain freedom. 

Dr. James Naismith, was the inventor of the sport basketball in 1891. He wrote the first basketball rulebook. He also founded the University of Kansans first basketball program. Dr. Naismith is attributed with releasing an idea that has impacted men and women across our world. Today basketball is a billion dollar industry. The spirit of excellence in him gave way to not only manifesting a vision but teaching others about his vision. This has enable thousands of people to dream and obtain careers in the basket ball industry. 


Great minds discuss idea, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people
-Hyman Rickover-

Being attributed greatness, nor working in the spirit of excelles, will prevent you from making bad decisions or mistakes. These are apart of life and vital to our growth. However, being attributed greatness and the spirit of excellence will cause one to go over and above what is required to rectify any mistake or bad decisions made.  This is called being responsible. No one who has ever been atrributed greatness or the spirit of excellence, has not ever been a responsible individual, or organization. 

Today I admonsish you, to work on your legacy of greatness by always working in a spirit of excellence. Rather it be in school, ministry, family life, friendships, or careers; work to be the best and to do it with class. People never really remember what you have said or what you have done, but they alway remember how you made them feel. In your journey towards being great, set your heights towards doing things that will leave a legacy for others to follow behind in your footsteps. Set a standard for yourself and always make sure you keep your word, and esteem others higher than yourself. We will come in contact with many wonderful people in our lifetime, but the ones who go beyond themselves to impact others and make the lives of others easier are always who will be remembered. 

Merry Christmas Everyone, Make 2012 the year you set the foundation for a Great Legacy!


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