Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Character, Integrity, & Reputation

Today's blog is about three important words! At some point in our adult lives we should have a working understanding about. Those three words are  Character, Integrity and Reputation. The three words are very important and vital to each individual human being. However we need to know what is our responsibility on grooming and protecting the three.

Character- The combination of qualities or features that distinguishes on person, group, or thing from another

A person with character, has certain qualities that stand out to others. These qualities generally attribute to this person of being, reputable, trustworthy, responsible, loving, and law-abiding.  These attributes are things that a person has worked hard at obtaining. Therefore these things are in their control and no one else's. More than likely the person who has these attributes has been raise to respect and value character. The positive thing about having character, is that once you have obtained it can not be taken away. You can relinquish your character, but no one actually has the power to take it away.  

Integrity-  adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honest

Integrity is basically, meaning what you say and saying what you mean. A person is attributed integrity when their moral beliefs matches up with their daily activities and speech.  Again, this is in the control of the individual who wishes to obtain integrity. Much like character, integrity can not be taken away from a person unless the person relinquishes it. This is simply done by not keeping your word, speaking without intentions, doing the opposite of what you profess to believe is rights or having no moral values at all. 

Reputation-  the estimation in which a person or thing is held, especially by the community, or the public generally; repute

Reputation is important but not nearly as character and integrity. Character and integrity is worked on by the person who wishes to have it. However, reputation is the gathered image of what people think/feel about who you are. A reputation can be true or false! You can have a fantastic reputation and have no character at all. How is this possible? I am glad you ask! You could do something nice for one person and the one person tells everyone they know about what you did for them. Now everyone believes this is what you do all the time. Or you can have terrible reputation, and actually have great character. You could have made a bad decision once and the wrong person found out about; and exposed it. Ultimately, leading everyone to believe that the one bad decision is who you are and what you do all the time. 

Unfortunately, our society is reputation driven. Its so much easier and takes less time to just take the word of someone else about another person, rather than getting to know someone for ourselves. Learning some one's character is not an overnight process. The great thing about people with character, they have no problem with taking that time to find out the truth about a person. People with character will protect their character and integrity at all cost, so they do not immediately attach themselves to everyone. Again we live in a reputation driven society, so you don't see to many people with character and good reputations hanging around people with terrible reputations and no character at all. 

Although reputations is carried by others by word of mouth; character and integrity isn't. If you want character and integrity it comes with responsibility of your own actions.  As I have stated before we hear of people getting there character slandered and defamed; however, that isn't actually possible to be done. Yes people can lie on you, but a lie with out proof for a person with character and track record of doing the right thing doesn't really have chance to stand up in court. Your character and integrity can only be slandered and defamed if you yourself actually compromise it. What do I mean? I'm glad you asked. Bill Clinton for the most part had a great rapport with the United States until he compromised it with Monica Lewinsky. No one actually slandered President Clinton, he simply compromised his integrity and character for oral sex. The only thing that happen was someone exposed what he compromised to. As you can see that Bill Clinton was in control of being slandered or not, by simply taking a moment to think things through. Now his reputation is known for receiving oral sex while holding the presidential office. This doesn't take away from the fact that while holding office our economy was at its best that we have seen in a 20 year span.  However, because of one bad decision, his reputation is overshadowed by his character  and integrity as probably one of the best Presidents the United States has ever had. 

So if you are having an issue of people always "slandering" you, take look at what have you compromised and allowed someone to expose. There are times when people have nothing on you and simply just like to talk about you, however that isn't slandering, that's what I call negative admiration.  Protect your character and integrity ladies and gentlemen, by thinking about the effects of your actions before you execute them. In most cases you can prevent people from damaging your reputation by not giving them something to use against you. Remember just because you think no one knows doesn't mean that the truth will not get out. If you happen to make a mistake or a bad decision, maintain your integrity and admit that you were wrong or at fault.  Always be truthful when there is a breech in your moral beliefs and your daily activities. No matter what don't stop building character and integrity because no matter how people view you, God always knows who you really are and the condition of your heart. People will always have something to say if you make a bad decision, but remember even if they don't forgive you, God always does. Keep striving to make God pleased with you!

Be honest, Be respectful, Be caring, Be loving, Respect Authority, Mean what you say and say what you mean!

God Bless and Grow in Grace



  1. Hi Ro

    Such insightful and helpful information for building in the body of Christ. Integrity is something I hold as very valuable as it will open many doors of opportunity for others to hear the goodness of God.Absolutely awesome!

  2. This its by far the most insightful blog yet every last one of these are important in everyday life and if we can drill this in the mind of the younger generation we could, leave the world knowing all is.... lanierj

  3. thank you Chanel and Ced for your comments.. Hoping this will make an impact

  4. I love your insights and I think about what my grandfather used to stress ... If you don't stand for something, you will fall for everything and that we spend a lifetime building ones reputation that can be meaningless in one moment. I am blessed God isn't finished His work in me.

  5. I'm so blown away at all that I have just read- you have been given the gift of wisdom and it must be due to obedience.
    I was googling for my counselor lesson plans and found this blog. I teach these attributes to children and when I compromise them myself- I need God to set me back on track! Thanks for being His instrument to me- it is has been such a trying past few years and I must stand strong in the will of God! Bless you :)


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