Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Power of Your Testimony

In my 30 years of living, I have learned that there is no escaping test and trials. They are going to come either from God or they may be brought on by ourselves. Whichever way they come,  God doesn't waste anything we go through. He will use it all for our growth (Romans 8:28). I have gone through quite a few hurtful & devastating things in my life, some out of my control and many that I could have prevented. At the time of the tests and trials I was in, I couldn't see the purpose for them. We almost never can! However days or years after surviving them, someone I'll come in contact with will have the same issues I had survived.  At that very moment it all makes sense!

We know that test and trials come to make us strong when they are from God. Sometimes they come for correction of erroneous thinking or to produce fruit of the Spirit. However we overlook, tests and trials come to give us power and authority to help change lives. As believers we are not our own. We are bought with a price. Nothing we do is for us per say, but the Glory of God. When we go through, its so that God can get the glory out of our lives: that we may be able to draw men unto Him. 

What good are we if we have been somewhere and we know the place is desolate. Yet we see our neighbor traveling towards a desolate land and we keep quiet. You have knowledge that you neighbor needs to know. It would be wise to advise your neighbor " Hey, you are headed to a place where its dry and no food, you may die there"! It would be selfish and unloving to keep the knowledge to yourself and allow your neighbor to journey to a place where you could have prevented hardship. 

Our testimonies are the same way. We ought not keep them to ourselves. We do not go through just for us, but we go through so that we can help others. In school we are taught that knowledge is power! The bible teaches us that we are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).  Most of our acquired knowledge is learned by what others have learned or gone through. 

Here is a couple of example to help you understand what I am trying to convey:

If I am a student in school and I am struggling in my class. My teacher/professor knows I am struggling, but never comes to me and let me know I'm failing. What good was my teacher to me? They have passed the necessary tests to make them a teacher. It's their job to assist me in excelling in the class, because they have the knowledge that I don't have. Now its up to me to apply what they give me. But its up to them to disburse the knowledge that they have.

If I am member at a church and I struggling living a saved life. My pastor and clergy men  knows it, but never says anything to me. What good are they to me? They have been commissioned to lead people into righteous living. They have knowledge that I either don't know or won't apply. In the book of Hebrews we are told that they watch over our souls, so its their job to help me where Im struggling rather I want help our not. 

As such the same for every believer with a testimony. Don't leave your neighbor in the same rut you left. You have been given power and authority to uproot and tear down erroneous thinking, because you have been somewhere. You have experience somethings.  We can't expect God to give us power to raise the dead and heal the sick, if we won't first use the power of something simple like a testimony. Sometimes what we have gone through is embarrassing but don't be selfish with your testimony. Don't keep it to yourself and go pray for them! This is your chance to be used by God! This is your chance to walk in power and authority. It's your chance to do something great with your life. This is the chance to make all the pain and hell you have gone through worth going through it.  Share it, so your neighbor doesn't have to go through what you did. Share it, so your neighbor will know that they can survive what they are in. Share it, so your neighbor will know that God hasn't left them! Share it, and give your neighbor power (knowledge) to change his/her environment.

You have power and it in your testimony. Please don't keep it to yourself! Be a blessing to the Body of Christ and people who may not believe in God! Help others, you are called to do that. Hebrews 13:6 says: Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such scarifices are pleasing to God.  Romans 15:1 says: We who are strong have an obligation bear with the failing of the weak and not to please ourselves. 

Everyone is not going to want to hear your testimony. People are more receptive to testimonies when they are in it the test and trial- its consoling! However, if you give your testimony as a warning to prevent the test and trial, most won't be receptive. This is not grounds to keep it to yourself. Plant the seed and God will do the rest. How many times have your mother told you, you were going in the wrong direction. You didn't wanna hear it but later down the line you wished you had listened. You can't force people to do apply anything, but you can at least plant the seed.  Be loving in everything you do and use the power God has given you - Your Testimony.

God Bless,

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