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RUN, They not Ready Yet!- Relationship Help

By nature we all desire to be in successful fulfilling relationships with a significant other. This is a natural desire because this is the way God designed us. However if we look to the Word of God many of us are forgetting key components to having successful fulfilling "earthly" relationships. A vertical relationship comes before any horizontal relationship. Adam was placed in the Garden of Eden, which simply means paradise. Adam was placed in the presence of God, much like how we are in the presence of people all day; every where we turn there is a person. Adam knew God, spoke with God, he had a relationship. This was the first relationship he had, and then Eve came on the scene. She wasn't there before God, She wasn't there before Adam became Adam either. She was there after. Adam obtained a relationship with God and after Adam became who God intended for Adam to be, then we see God blessing Adam with a companion. 

Before there was a companion of Adam's kind (Genesis 2:23), bone of my bone flesh of my flesh), Adam had a relationship with God. This is what many of us are over looking. We jump into relationships like we jump into our clothes, without ever questioning the motives of the people who desire to attach themselves to our lives. There are a few questions we should ask ourselves.  

1. Does this man or woman even know who created me? 
2. Does this man or woman, know why I was designed and for what purpose? 
3. Do they care what I'm here for? 
4. Will they help me get to my destiny? 
5. Will they help me fulfill my assignments and purpose? 
6. Will I do the same for them?
7. Do our purposes work together or will they present conflict for our relationship to be harmonious?  

These questions never come up for most of us. We just see that there is someone interested in hooking up and possibly sex is involved. Only to be quite frustrated and/or disappointed to find out that they hurt us or misused us. Without knowing the purpose of a person, we will most definitely abuse them, much like we do with things. You can can use a knife to stir but it wasn't created to do that. It's not in it glory until its used properly. People are the same. We can use people for our purpose, but they end up hurt and unappreciated. But when we see people in the light of why God created them then we are able to get the best out of them, enjoy them, and help them grow and become all that God wants from them. In turn we have an awesome relationship with them and we are blessed by participating in their growth.

Points to Ponder Before Getting into a Relationship 

1. If he/she don't know their purpose - Run, they are not ready yet  
2. If he/she isn't even trying to know what they were created to do - Run, they are not ready yet  
3. If he/she isn't concerned about you knowing your purpose - Run, they are not ready yet  

Just in case you are not quite sure what I mean on "Adam becoming who God intended for Adam to be"... Adam is the creation of Man by God. We use the term created because Adam was the first of his kind. There was nothing on Earth like Adam. Adam was basically invented by God. Eve however was formed. There is a difference from being created and being formed. Creation comes from the idea of something that is not yet visible and then bringing it into existence and things are formed or made by altering something that is physically existing already. Adam was created (Genesis 1:27), and Eve was formed/made (Gen 2:22). God had a specific idea about humans. He brought forth a man and out a man he brought forth a woman. The man is the Glory of God, and the woman is the glory of man. The man is to be led by God and the woman is to follow man as the man is being led by God. 

Points to Ponder Before Getting into a Relationship 

1. If he/she isn't aware of who they are in God - Run, they not ready yet 
2. If he/she ain't doesn't know who they should be following - Run they not ready yet  
3. If he/she isn't sure if they are Male or Female... Well you get the drift.  

In Genesis 1:26-29, there are some clear concise instructions given to man. God explains His intentions for man in Genesis 1:26. He simply wanted man to look like Him, act like Him, and do what He does while on Earth. You don't believe me, do you? Let's read the verse together then: Then God said "Let us make man in our image (look like Me), in our likeness (act like Me), and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground (Do as I do)."  

Points to Ponder Before Getting into a Relationship  

1. If he/she isn't looking like God, acting like God and being productive with life like God- Run- they are not ready yet.  
2. Nowhere in that text does it say rule another human... dominion was given over kingdoms of the world not another human being. If he/she is dominant over you - Run, they are not ready yet  

Lastly, out of everything God created he only found one thing that wasn't good, and that was man being alone. God then decide to make Adam a helper. To solve the problem of Adam being alone he created animals, yet that still wasn't quite satisfying. Now we see God making Eve. Eve was brought forth to solve a problem. There was a lot of responsibility given to Adam, don't you think? She was given to help him become the best and achieve his best at becoming a MAN. Adam was given dominion, and then Eve was brought forth to see to it that Adam succeeded in doing it. Previously, I pointed out that no where in the text do we see God giving rulership over another human being. But what we do see is submission to each other. The woman was not created nor ever was intended to be dominated over, but she was given to be the one that would push Adam into his destiny. She was given to be the one whom Adam would obtain favor from God, because she kept him focused on following God and to do all that he was commanded to do.  

Points to Ponder Before getting into a Relationship  

1. If he/or she doesn't know their role as a Male or Female- Run, they are not ready yet  
2. If He/She can't listen or take advice or submit - Run, they are not ready yet  
3. If he/she knows it all already - Aye DON't YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT It  
4. If he/she doesn't have your best interest to succeed in life AND for you to always please God in EVERYTHING you do - Run, they ain't ready Boo!  

In my opinion from just reviewing my own personal experience, we don't take enough time to understand God' thoughts on relationships, marriage and/or being single for that matter. We don't seek God until after we are hurt. It is never God's intention to see us hurt or broken by our fellow brother or sister. As we have read in the text, He created us to have dominion. We can't rule effectively broken. We must not leave God out of choosing a mate. Again, He has given us dominion, so we must think in those terms when deciding who want to spend the rest of our lives with. I don't think we ask enough questions before we get into relationships. So today, for those who are in a relationship and/or engage began asking questions about how your future mate intends to help you succeed in ruling and fulfilling your purpose. What do you plan to do for them? Make sure you know what your role is as a Man and Woman. Know what you are responsible for and what you are not responsible for.  

If you are dating, date with a purpose. Anything else is a waste of your time and the other person's time as well. Seek to please God in everything you do and I guarantee the blessings of God will be bestowed upon you and your relationships. It's God's intentions that we have successful fulfilling relationships with our mates and other people. If it's His intentions, then we must seek to understand what we are required to know before entering into life-long relationships. Be Responsible for your life and who you desire to do life with.  

God Bless You!  

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