Saturday, November 5, 2011

Music the Way God Intended...Introducing Favor's Voice

So, everyone knows that Rofasho supports just about everyone who doing something positive. That's just what I do and enjoy doing. There is nothing like knowing someone sees and understand your vision and life purpose, more importantly will take a stand to support it. This year, LaToya Turrentine dropped her first CD, "I Am Favor's Voice". I am seriously smiling as I write this. Only because I have known Latoya for lil' over 10 years.  I pretty much watched her blossom into the power house of anointing that she is today. When I met LaToya she was a young lady with integrity and today she a grown woman with integrity (LoL).  I have watched this girl stand her ground for the Kingdom of God, never wavering; and if she did I didn't witness it.

It's with no suprise that her first Cd is pack with so much anointing. It's not your typical Gospel CD. There are serveral genre's of music present on this CD, from Gospel to R&Bish feel. In my opinon, this ablum would probably best describe the way music was intended to be by God. It's not churchy, but its music with a purpose and it reeks relationship not religion. It pleases me so much to listen to the young lady I watch develope into a such a anoited woman of God. I have so much respect for this lady.

I encourage you to purchase this CD.  You may purchase the CD on ITunes, or Amazon. I promise you its worth more than you will pay for it.

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