Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tracing God's Hand in our Lives- Adjust your Focus

Many times it seems that we can't trace God's hand or see Him at work in our lives, especially when it choatic and cluttered with drama.  We pray earnestly for God to work on our behalf for so many things. We pray diligently over and over again over the larger & immediate things in which we need done. While the smaller, not so immediate issues gets prayed for once or twice and we keep it moving.

I want to encourage you today!

 There has been many large issues that needed God's immediate attention in my life. I've prayed till the brakes have fell of my prayer mobile, if you get my drift.  However two months ago there was an issue I was having with my 4 year old daughter at school. She has a short attention span, however smart as whip but only applies herself when  she is forced to do something  She wan't applying herself on writing her name.  Her teacher brought it to my attention that if we didn't get her to focus on doing that, she wouldn't be able to enter Kindergarten. So of course I up my time spent working with her. I hired my cousin to tutor her and the rest of my kids so she wouldn't feel like she was doing something wrong. Lastly, I prayed over her and asked God to quicken her attention span and work ethic for learning in school.

Today, I was dropping my kids off to school and noticed something all together different about my daughter. Every morning I send her to wash her hands by herself, hang up her belonging and walk in to class to sign her name. I send her by herself so that I can accompany my son to do the same things. I have been doing this consistently for  about the same amount of time that I have known about the writing issue.

This morning I was coming out of  my son's class to go sign her in and she was walking out the bathroom headed to hang her things up. For the first time, I saw my daughter in the light of being responsible and I didn't realize that I trusted her to do  what I had been asking her to do. I stood off to the side and just smiled at my baby being a big girl. I walked up to her and asked her to give me five for being a big girl. We walked into class I was signing her in and she walked over to sign her name. Without my assistance, and even in all the commotion of people saying good morning to her she wrote her full name and it was in the right size for the box and readable. Her teacher then said, "Mrs. Jones, Dionne is doing excellent!" I walked out of her class to my car, just realizing how I had forgotten that I had petitioned God's help with this area and just that moment I was able to trace God's hand at work for me.

It's very easy to allow the large things to overshadow the smaller things that are not so immediate in our lives. However I learned a valuable lesson today. As sure as I was that God was going to do what I needed for my daughter, I need to be just as sure for the larger things.  It's hard to trace God hands when we aren't looking in the right places. Blessings and Miracles are bestowed upon us daily and many times we don't see them because we are  focused on the things that have yet to be done and may possibly seem to be impossilble.

I just want to encourage you to keep your ears and eyes open. God never stops working, and His hand never stops moving. If we can't see Him moving & and answering prayers in our lives then just maybe we are focused on the wrong stuff. When driving we are taught to never stay focused on one thing too long, if we plan to make it to our destination safely. As such, is the same for the things in our personal lives. Take a glance at your problems and situations, adjust what you can, change what you can and trust that God heard you and has already begun executing a plan for your rescue. The big issues may still be big issues, however if the little issues are being worked on its only a matter of time before God begans to answers our major prayer requests.  Keep in mind the big issues more than likely didn't become a big issue overnight, therefore the response and solution may not be done overnight either. Hang in there, and don't give up. Help is on the way.

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