Sunday, February 6, 2011

Amazing Gift in an Amazing Man

Today, is the 6th day of our fast. I was excited about coming in to church to see what God was going to do in our ministry. Pastor, preached and teach from chapter 2 in Joel, about Restoration of Jubilation. It was indeed an on time message for our ministry. I never even sat down (which isn't nothing new for me). He had three relative points for the text as usual.  At the tail end of the message, I retreated to the choir stand to wait for the time for the Praise Team to close out the service. I saw Pastor close his bible, and hand it off to Ms. Clara, the nurse. Only one problem, I didn't see NO NOTES

Now let me tell you a little about my Pastor.  Dr. Alvin E. Jackson, is the Senior Pastor of Wings of Love Ministries. He has served as the Pastor for 26 years. He is the most humble man I know. He is always thinking about others, never focusing on himself. Now because he is my husband's uncle, I have the great privilege of seeing him as just Alvin and not Pastor. I'm honored to say that what you see in the pulpit is what you see at home. In the Church setting he is known for his preaching, however in his home setting he is known for his studying. Any given time that you walk in his home, you will be sure to either catch him in the bible studying, or meditating on what he has been studying.

Now back to the fact that he had no notes. I began to search every Sunday that I have seen him close his bible and I quickly remember there is never any notes. I instantly started questioning, how does he do it? I was singing and still questioning how. I thought "oh my gosh, could I ever get that disciplined enough to study my word to the point I could deliver it without notes." I was amazed and overwhelmed at how well he delivers his messages in a concise order like a structured term paper. This is clearly a man that is disciplined in the word of God. I can remember when I first started school at Liberty and I was super excited about the things I was learning. I ran down the things that I would be and had been learning. As I started mentioning subjects, he instantly starting running down everything I had learned in a course of 4 weeks in a 10 minute conversation. Again, "Oh my gosh".

I pray that I get close to having the discipline he has. I'm so proud that he is my  Pastor. It goes with out saying that his discipline in studying the Word of God is a testament to the the 5 phenomenal Pastors that has come from his leadership. If you have an awesome Pastor, take the time to appreciate him/her and the time they spend in the Word to help lead you.

Thank you Dr. Alvin E. Jackson.

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