Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Finish Line

Today, is the first day after the Daniel's Fast. I feel rested, rejuvenated, and reenergized. God is awesome!


Words will never be able to gather what really occurred inside of Wings of Love Ministries last Sunday. Praise and Worship was intense and from that point the Holy Spirit was in full control. A roar of Worship that sounded like thunder,  and probably could be heard on John R. The place was not packed at all, not even half way. However, the cry unto God in that place was if we were in Comerica Park with the stadium at capacity. The presence of God was there and there was nothing you could do but worship. For 2 whole hours straight, we worshipped the true and living God. It was clear, that through this fast, those that came; had experience God. They came ready for worship, they came ready to pour out their souls before God. God didn't let us down. He came in filling some with the Holy Spirit, some with the gift of tongues, some where healed. I asked for miracles and he showed me miracles.

The Results of the Fast

Most lost weight, I didn't. However the relationship I have with God is far greater than ever losing a pound.  In time I will. After having no sugar for 21 days, I tried to go back to eating Oreos and it was a "NO GO". They were way too sweet, including V8 Splash. I do believe my need to have sugar all day everyday has been lifted. I know the way I think about eating has definitely changed. I am sure to continue eating whole wheat, all natural foods. I will not be eating with butter anymore. Yet and still, a gal has to have really cheese and diary products. Soy and Rice products don't cut it. My husband and I are not quite sure what to eat at this point. We don't want to through away our 21 days of eating clean, and nor do we want to agitate our stomachs.

The Encounter

One of the things I set out to do was to stop cursing. I'm not all the way there, I still think curse words. That's not good enough for me. Because if I think it, at some point I'm going to say it. I really tried hard, but I need to try harder. So starting to day I am doing another 21 Days of no cursing. I am going to keep doing it until I eradicate the sin. I also wanted to pull together a more concise plan of growth. So today I am also starting 21 Days of 30 minute prayer and 30 minutes of Studying my word (over and beyond what I have to do for school). I have heard God speak to me, the word Discipline. I know its a very fitting word for me. So, it time to work my word and work it well. By this time next year, I should be able to say that I am some sense of self control, and less chaotic life.

I also heard God tell me my area of ministry is Discipleship. I still need more clarity. I know everything comes in His own timing. However, that along was a huge chunk of information. I'm still seeking more clarity and I am full of faith that God is going to prepare for where ever He is sending me.

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