Friday, February 4, 2011

Daniel's Fast- Day 4

So I didn't write yesterday because I really didn't have the time to do so. I got two out of three of my exams done, scoring an A & a B. I had  veggie spaghetti (squash, zucchini, asparagus, onions, green peppers, whole wheat pasta and all natural spaghetti sauce). I stayed up pretty late study, so I am extra tired  right now. Yesterday's encounter with God was confirmation. I posted a note yesterday, that I had actually wrote on Day 2.  The note is "The Importance of Transparency & Accountability in Ministry". I didn't post it because I had prayed for confirmation to do so first. So yesterday in my Church Ministries Course, my studies were on Confronting Sin and Accountability. HA! What a way to confirm! However that wasn't what did it for me.  I watched the video post that complimented our studies for the week, and every thing I had wrote was everything that was in the video. So I was grateful about  God confirming me.

Any who! As stated above, I am exhausted today. I have spent a great deal of time in the kitchen preparing meals, and a great deal of time praying & meditating. Today, was a challenge for me to stay focused, only because I was so tired and just burnt out. However I got some really great prayer time in. Again I had no strategic plan for what i was praying for. It just kind of came to me by happen stance. Or maybe it was all a plan by God. I received some mail for Church finance seminar. Don't have a clue why it came to me but after looking at it I was compelled to pray for the finances of the church, my household and the members of Wings of Love Ministries.  My morning and evening prayer were in regards to my attitude to serving at home and strength .

Today we had Mushroom and Mash Potato Stuff Bell Peppers w/ some of the left over Chilli . It was pretty good. 

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