Monday, February 7, 2011

One Word, Discipline

So today is the 7th day of the fast, two more weeks to go. I will admit today I was overwhelmed and unprepared. I didn't have a clue what I was praying for or who to pray for. I didn't have a meal strategy. I really am dying for something tasty to drink other than water. Ced keeps hollering about Short Ribs, Mac N' Cheese and Greens w/ all the fattening stuff in it. Yet, and still God is still worth this next two weeks of sacrifice.

The Fast

As I stated above, I had no plan for food, so I didn't really know what to eat. Mondays are always hectic for me, so I really didn't have time to cook for myself (I'm actually cooking Chili again, right now).  I prepared Daniel Fast Friendly Oatmeal for my kids for breakfast. Ced, brought home a chicken salad for me. It had globs of melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese on it. So we had to take all the chicken off of the salad, and of course we couldn't use their dressing. Yep, Lettuce and tomatoes. At least we could keep the egg whites. I just added my all natural balsamic vinaigrette. I made the kids some of Meijers brand BBQ chicken wings and oh my gosh it was torture. I couldn't lick my darn fingers. However, I didn't give in.  Tonight I kinda got a lil' smorgasbord of left overs from last week. It's just enough to satisfy my hunger and go to bed.

The Encounter

Sometime last week, I think maybe the 3rd or 4th day, I read a blog post on the Ultimate Daniel Fast Blog on "The Power of One Word", by Kristen Feola. It was about, her friend asking God to reveal one word that she could theme her year with. This one word is the the word that she would work on throughout the year. Kristen decided to join her friend, Nicole in the "one word journey". I also took the challenge. After reading the blog post, I prayed for revelation of the word that God would have me to work on for 2011. All week I have been praying about better time management so that I could spend more time in my word , in prayer, and with my family. Sounds like "DISCIPLINE".  Yesterday, wrote about my Pastor preaching without notes. I was amazed at his "DISCIPLINE" in studying the text that he preaches until he is able to preach it without notes. I ended my note by asking "Could I ever become as discipline as he is, in studying the Word of God". 
This morning when I woke up, the first word I said was "DISCIPLINE". I thought to myself "You are crazy girl, go brush your teeth"! About, two hours later, I was rushing to get my girls to school and I said " I gotta get more DISCIPLINED". Then I realized I had dreamed about being lazy and needing to be DISCIPLINED. I don't remember my dream, however I do remember feeling overwhelmed, discombobulated, & seeing the word DISCIPLINED in my dream. Im going to take that this as God saying I need to be more DISCIPLINED. I am awaiting confirmation, although I feel secure in it; I can't lie I do need to become more DISCIPLINED. In fact Friday night, Ced and I got into a debate about me being more DISCIPLINED

The greatest thing about this One Word Journey is, if you have never heard God speak or seen Him show you something; this is your chance. I admonish you to try this. It can't hurt, it could only make you better. God is so faithful and He desires a relationship with us. I know, from growing up I always thought that God only spoke to Pastors and Preachers. However, I am so glad that I decide to get to know the real answer for myself. Jesus tore the veil just so that we could have an intimated relationship and dialog with the Father. 

Be encouraged my brothers and sisters, God desires to give you an audience with Him. 

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